New heyyaa! Correspondent

This is the first post on that reads “Posted by Gina”, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see that.

I’m thrilled to be able to write in a space that promotes Asian American entertainment. As an Asian American twenty-something year old, I’ve always wanted mainstream America to embrace Asian Americans on magazine covers, on the radio, and on the big screen. However, the Asian American community—at the moment—has a very little voice within the larger entertainment landscape. Although this is improving with more noticeable faces popping up (like the men of Far East Movement, Jamie Chung, and Maggie Q), I’d love to play a part in bringing that voice to life even more.

As your new heyyaa! correspondent, let me start by introducing myself. Here’s my entire background boiled down to a few bullet points:

– I was raised in the Bay Area and I plan on staying here for a really long time.
– I’m a corporate cubicle monkey by day, an aspiring superhero by night.
– I’m currently addicted to Korean dramas and anything that stars Kim Hyun Joong.
– I watch movie trailers like nobody’s business.
– I avoid dark alleys and sharp corners at all costs (so much for being a superhero!).

To learn more about me (and to understand how Takeshi Kaneshiro changed my life), click on over to

I hope we’ll have a long writer-reader relationship, and the enjoy the posts!

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