JYJ Enthralled Fans at San Jose Concert


Last Friday (6/3), JYJ finished the North American leg of their 2011 World Tour at the San Jose Event Center. As promised in their world tour press conference last month, the trio showed off their talent and delivered a show that pleased both visually and musically. And to top it off, concert attendees had the honor of singing “Happy Birthday” to their Korean idol face-to-face during the concert.

Before the show, many fans arrived early to prepare themselves for the concert. To show their support for Jaejoong, Yuchun (also known as Micky), and Junsu, some fans dressed in red, dyed their hair, and wore red glowing “Mickey Mouse” ears. Some of the fans also handed out red finger lights and signs that said “Don’t Go (Gajima in Korean), USA Loves JYJ”. Although red is the color used for TVXQ, many fans express their continued support for JYJ, who were members of the original group, with the same color.

Before the concert, we talked to several fans and tested their knowledge of  JYJ. Here’s our video coverage of the pre-show fans gathering in front of the concert hall, featuring guest host Cassandra Farrar. Check it out and see if you know JYJ as well as these fans do:

Inside the concert hall, there were three large screen displays, two on the sides and one right above the stage. There were two levels of the stage. On the lower stage, transparent “glass cages” were located on both sides. Fans of all ages were present to show JYJ their support. Although there are many fans attending the concert, we were disappointed to see that the back of the hall was not filled.

The group kicked off with a fan favorite, “Empty” as their first song of the night. Since this was our first time seeing JYJ performing live, we were amazed by how good their voices are and thought to ourselves: no wonder they have so many fans worldwide!

Each of the trio gave a solo performance: “I Love You” by Yuchun, “I Can Soar” by Junsu, and “Still In Love” by Jaejoong. Throughout these three songs, the female back dancers highlighted the performance with their sensual movements. But perhaps it’s because these dancers are Americans and JYJ are very slim Koreans, there is a definite disparity in their sizes. Although the choreography was excellent, we couldn’t help but wonder if the show would look sexier if the female dancers were slightly smaller or of comparable size to the guys. But will fans be more jealous because of that? We have no idea.

During the performance of “Mission“, JYJ donned black trench coats during their dance routine. On the large screen, fans could see them sweating bullets.  JYJ’s superb musical talent was on display as they pulled off complicated dance routines without skipping a breath.  The live performance proved once and for all that they are indeed world class artists.

Crowd excitement reached new heights when JYJ performed “Found You“, a Korean song from hit drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, starring Yuchun. The popularity of the song was evident as audience waved their glow sticks and sang along with JYJ.

Of course, since part of the concert going experience is to hear artists speak to attendees directly, JYJ used the opportunity to thank their fans for coming to the show. Unfortunately, since Micky is the only one who spoke English, there were many things Jaejoong and Junsu said that we didn’t understand. However, there was a universally understood cute moment when Jaejoong followed Micky’s English greeting by starting off and saying “Hey guys!” in English.  And everyone, including yours truly, were anticipating more English from the handsome Jaejoong after the pause. But instead, the followup was “gomawoyo (thanks in Korean)”, which generated quite a few laughs from the fans. And after a few words in Korean, he finally said “so sorry” to those of us who didn’t understand Korean. And in an awkward and funny manner, Junsu finished up by saying “xie xie (thank you in Chinese)”.

During the remix version of “By My Girl“, JYJ invited the audience to dance along with them. And for those who had practiced the official flash mob dance before or at the beginning of the concert, that was the moment for them to shine. Under the cue of JYJ, the audience also accomplished two concert waves, similar to what was demonstrated in the flash mob video.

Since Yuchun’s birthday was on the day after the concert (6/4), fans prepared a piano cake for him and it was presented to him on stage along with a pair of glowing Mickey Mouse ears. Afterwards, Jeri Slaughter, the concert director, asked the crowd to sing a birthday song for Micky. Everyone had a great time singing together and wished Yuchun a very happy birthday.

The concert resumed after the brief birthday celebration, with “You’re”. During this part of the concert, fans handed Junsu a pair of “Mickey Mouse” ears and he promptly tried to put it on Jaejoong. Unfortunately, the “ears” kept slipping down, and couldn’t stay on his head. After the song ended, JYJ waved to the crowd and exited the stage.

Afraid that the show has already come to an end, fans chanted “J-Y-J” and demanded an encore. Finally, after several minutes of stomping and chanting “JYJ”, the group reappeared on stage with T-shirts and jeans to perform the energetic “Get Out” and “Empty (Remix)“. During the remix of “Empty”, Junsu showed off his dancing skills with a one-handed handstand. After a second encore, JYJ performed their last song, “In Heaven”, while fans held up paper signs saying “Don’t Go”. The trio bowed once again, thanked the fans for their support, waved goodbye and finally exited the stage. Although many fans didn’t want the show to ever end, the bright hall lights were finally turned on and inevitably the concert must end.

More photos of fans from the concert here.

Throughout this concert, what really amazed us was both the support that JYJ fans has shown to their idols and the charm of JYJ’s music and vocal talent to woo their fans worldwide. We wish more Americans will discover JYJ. We also hope the group will speak more English to expand their American and the global English-speaking market. JYJ, fighting!


If you still haven’t checked out JYJ’s music essay: Their Rooms, you are missing out on their latest songs.

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