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In the past few years, Youtube has given many young independent artists a platform to perform in front of a worldwide audience. Several years ago, a young teenager named Joey Diamond decided to let his voice be heard outside of his own school. Through his channel and blogs, not only did many people become aware of his talent in singing, but they also saw an unabashed teenager grow up right in front of their eyes.

With over 75,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, Joey Diamond is regarded as hot and sexy among many of his fans. To gain a more in-depth understanding of this popular hottie, this week, our own Mae Cruz sits down with Joey Diamond for a one-on-one interview on his background, his music, and other personal questions right before his high school graduation. Here is a video excerpt of the hour-long interview:

For those of you who are curious about what else we asked Joey on that day, here’s a transcript of some of the clips that are not included on the video above:

Mae: So, can you tell us how tall you are?
Joey: I believe I am 5’7. Last time I checked. I am not very tall. I am very bite-sized, but sometimes that’s a good thing, right?
Mae: But I guess with what people say, Asians, you know, are relatively short. So, you are really good height, I would say.
Joey: Because I am half-breed, I think that being that part Filipino, part Portuguese. I was hoping… like when I was 12 or 13, I was like, come on, make me taller. At least I am taller than my dad. ‘cause my dad is like 5’4. I am like, ok, that’s a life goal right there. Being taller than your father is enough for me.
Mae: Are you good at any sports or maybe video games?
Joey: I hate video games to be honest, no offense to anyone out there. It’s just that I feel that you should be outside and enjoying life and not so much wasting your time on video games. But, if I were to choose something that I am really good at… I am pretty good at… gosh… being lazy, to be honest. I do so much with music and just school and life that I don’t have any time for anything else. ::laughs::
Mae: Well, yeah definitely, you are busy with your lifestyle, so just got to take those moments to just be lazy.
Joey: Be lazy on the couch, and I am really good at it, ‘cause I lay down and eat Cheetos. ::laughs::
Mae: Hot Cheetos or regular Cheetos?
Joey: Hot Cheetos with cream cheese.
Mae: Oh my god, me too. I used to do that all the time in high school.
Joey: Ok, cool, I don’t know if anyone was into that.
Mae: Yea, it’s really bad. Everyday, I used to buy a bag of hot Cheetos and cream cheese.
Joey: Get it from the bagel?
Mae: Ya! Just in the hallway and like just pig out all the time. I definitely know what you are saying. So, you said you are good at being lazy, what is something that you think you are not so good at?
Joey: I am not good at… I am really not good at sports. I am not. I’ve never been. My parents had tried so hard but I just, I guess I… I think I have astigmatism, and I am really not good at catching. Catching balls or focusing on anything.
Mae: So if you can describe your personality in one word, what would it be?
Joey: Um, I would say “positive”. And I say that because I think that my friends had found that even at the darkest moments of our lives, I would always find something good to come out of it, rather it’d be a lesson or just either something funny to say. So, I always stay positive within my personality. I mean sometimes, you have those dark moments, you know, but even then, you have to like… Sometimes, I feel like I have to be the support team for my friends and stuff like that. Like, “no, can’t be dark, you got to be happy”.
Mae: Definitely, “the glass is always half full”, right.
Joey: There we go.
Mae: So I notice you have a lip ring.
Joey: I do.
Mae: Does it ever get in the way for you?
Joey: Of what? ::laughs::
Mae: Umm… how about eating? ::laughs::
Joey: Eating… ok. Well, it gets in the way of me talking. I think the reason why I would lick my lips a lot is because it constantly rubs against my lip and I feel like it’s drying out. So I always tend to like lick it out.
Mae: So going off that, how often do you apply lip balm or chapstick?
Joey: Well, not often. I usually use my natural saliva, as gross as that sounds, like I am like, why waste money, but um, I do like classic flavored chapstick.
Mae: Classic flavored. Do you have a favorite brand? Or just the Chapstick?
Joey: If it isn’t chap… I think it’s just called “chapstick”.
Mae: Yea.
Joey: Or, like, when I am in high school, I used to use Vaseline, ‘cause most of my homegirls would carry around Vaseline. And I am like, “Can I get some?” ::laughs::
Mae: So, who is your favorite celebrity?
Joey: There are so many… so many people to look up to. I am sure a lot of people say it, but I really do have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga. And not so much like the craziness but just for I think she’s a really brave individual. She touches bases on so many touchy subjects, you know, and like she’s not afraid to really be herself. I think that’s something that definitely inspires me with music ‘cause I mean I figure like if you are gonna make it to the top, you might as well be truly and completely honest with yourself and let people love you for that, you know.
Mae: Do you think you might do a cover of one of her songs?
Joey: Oh, she’s such a hard artist to cover. I mean she’s so amazing. I mean, yea, if I can get a good enough instrumental or someone to play with me, and just have that really good vibe, I mean I would sing anything.
Mae: So, if any fans out there have any requests of Lady Gaga songs, maybe that might be his next video. Who knows? We’ll see.
Joey: ::Pretends to be Lady Gaga hand gestures::
Mae: Now, a lot of people say you can tell a lot about a girl by what’s in her purse. I know you don’t have a purse, but what do you have in your pocket right now?

Joey: I have one thing in my pocket right now, and it’s a pen. I am kind of weird in that I always have a pen on me. Not for the celebrity signing things, ‘cause I always just feel like you never know… Say, you are driving, right? Someone hits your car and tries to run away. License plate! You know you have to write that really really fast.
Mae: Just write it on your arm.
Joey: You just never know when you need a pen.
Mae: So, it’s summer time, there are a lot of TV shows coming out on air. What is your favorite TV show right now?
Joey: I don’t know if you’ve heard it… It’s called “No ordinary Family”. It’s kinda like modern heroes kind of deal. It’s like a family where they got superpowers from a plane crash…
Mae: Oh, I just heard about that.
Joey: Ok, I am really nerdy like that, where I like superpowers. ‘Cause honestly I believe that one day, I will have superpowers.
Mae: So, with your lifestyle, I am sure it’s really stressful. What do you find yourself worrying about the most?
Joey: I guess the most thing I worry about is not being able to spend as much time with my family. I’ve noticed that when I focus on myself and my career, I tend to drift from like visiting the grandparents or like spending time with my little sister who’s just born. Sometimes, it gets hard. I know the payoff is great but at times… sometimes I don’t wish that it never happened, but I just wish that I had more time to spend with them.
Mae: I know you said you are 19, but what ideal age would you like to get married?
Joey: Marriage… I definitely want to get married, but it’s probably not gonna be until I am at least 30. And it’s not because I want to perfect wedding, I just really want to… I don’t want to rely on other people for financial help with my wedding so I just really want to take care of that on my own and then maybe 30, I’ll eventually have a family. I’d think that would be the cherry on top of life, right?
Mae: Is there anybody out there right now that you kind of admire?
Joey: To be quite frank and to be honest, I really admired Justin Bieber and there’s a lot of people who don’t like Justin Bieber and a lot of people who love him. But what I admire about this kid is that you know he did exactly what I did. You know, just show his passion for music online and he got lucky, and not that I am jealous, ‘cause I am really happy for artists that make it. And I just really am inspired and it really inspires me to keep going and I think his story is really well, because he just wanted to do it for the love and he got lucky.
Mae: Well, Youtube has been a really amazing outlet for people to showcase all their talents, so who knows, maybe someday really great producers are gonna come across your videos.
Joey: ::looks around:: Where are you at? Where are you at?
Mae: So what time do you go to sleep?
Joey: I am a late sleeper. Like 3 or 4.
Mae: Oh my god.
Joey: What time is it now? I went to sleep at like 4.
Mae: Do you sleep in at all?
Joey: I really don’t. I haven’t been getting much rest lately. It probably shows on my eye bags. I haven’t gotten much sleep lately ‘cause I’ve been doing my merchandise orders and stuff like that by myself so it’s kinda like a one man band.
Mae: Can you tell the viewers out there, what phone you use?

Joey: I use the G2. I’ve always been like a Sidekick fan, so I think the G2 is a much more classier version of the Sidekick.
Mae: Do you think you will ever switch over to the ever popular Iphone that everybody has?
Joey: No, I am not into the hype of the Iphone. I mean, no disrespect to any Apple people out there, I think it’s a great device. I just… I am kind of droid-friendly.

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