Wu Xia Brings Together Two of Asia’s Top Actors


Takeshi Kaneshiro and Donnie Yen in one movie? Say no more—I will see it and I will enjoy it. Wu Xia (also known as “Dragon” in the U.S., according to imdb), a martial arts film directed by Peter Chan, is on the top of my list of the most anticipated movies for this year. Not only does the film star two of Asia’s most versatile (and bankable) actors, it’s also directed by the man responsible for one of my all-time favorites: The Warlords.

Takeshi Kaneshiro takes on the detective role and investigates Donnie Yen’s character, a seemingly common villager with a questionable past (and with some kick-ass martial arts moves). I will be the first to admit my bias for any Takeshi Kaneshiro film, but the trailer for Wu Xia will support my prediction that this movie will be nothing short of epic. See for yourself!

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