Overheard 2 Opened as Summer Blockbuster in China


Crime thriller Overheard 2, starring Hong Kong actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Asian American actor Daniel Wu, opened this week in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With a different storyline from Overheard, the so-called sequel attracted a lot of attention from audiences who were curious how it can possibly follow the success of the first film by continuing the exploration of greed in the financial system and its relationship with wiretapping technologies in modern society.

According to Singtao Daily, the film’s first opening day netted 18 million RMB (approximately 2.8 million USD) in China. In Hong Kong, the film surpassed Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Final Destination 5 by drawing in 1.2 million HKD.  Overall, both the cast members and the production company, Bona Film Group, were pleased with the opening day numbers, although the production company more or less expected the strong sales due to the success of the first film.

Daniel put on 25 pounds for his role in the sequel and he was very pleased with more muscular physique in the film. Since this was Daniel’s first action movie, Daniel finally fulfilled his dream of becoming an action star.

Keeping with the original, Daniel’s character ends up dying in the sequel. According to the film director, Felix Chong, Daniel is like Kenny from the popular animation South Park, a perfect ending must include his character dying. Daniel is grateful to the director for allowing his character to have a worthy death this time.

Check out the subtitled trailer below:

The following is an excerpt from his interview with Hong Kong’s TV show host Lawrence Cheng on the upcoming Home Sweet Home TV episode (which aired recently in Hong Kong).

Daniel Wu is a Hong Kong film actor. He grew up in the United States and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Architecture. In 1997, he went to Hong Kong and began modeling and acting. In the past ten years of his film career, he enjoys directing and collaborating with others. Since he is very passionate about his work, he admits that there are times when he neglected his wife, actress/top model, Lisa Selesner. Fortunately, his wife’s understanding and supportive attitude has allowed him to focus on his dream of making films.

Lawrence: L / Daniel: D

L: Do you think of members of Alive (Terence Yin, Andrew Lin, and Conroy Chan) as your buddies within the entertainment circle?
D: Of course.
L: How did you guys bond together?
D: Actually, we weren’t that close before we filmed The Heavenly Kings. But after two years of work, we developed an understanding with each other and we became good friends. Terence became my best friend after I started in showbiz. I collaborated with Andrew many times but we didn’t become close until after The Heavenly Kings. I’ve known Conroy since my modeling days. After the four of us created such a weird film, where we had a lot of opportunities to hang out together, and that’s how we bonded.
L: Do you find it hard to make friends in the entertainment circle? Others say people in showbiz are pretentious.
D: Not really. You can make friends in every profession. But you should make sure you don’t just reject other people, otherwise you will become lonely and life will be depressing. You should open up to people but you should be careful at the same time.
L: When you run into problems at work, will you share them with your wife?
D: I talk to my wife and my friends about them. But for more frustrating problems, I wouldn’t share those with my family because I don’t want them to worry. My wife and friends give me a lot of support and I hope that they will also share their own problems with me too.
L: What do your parents think of your acting career?
D: My mom is very supportive. My dad was against it. Because my dad wished to be an architect since he was 5 and he worked as one for 45 years before he retired, his way of thinking about careers is very traditional. He never thought I would go into acting after spending 5 years studying architecture.
L: He couldn’t accept your decision?
D: He thought I wasted 5 years of my life and tuition. But actually, the study I did in architecture had set a good framework for my future growth.
L: Has he accepted it now?
D: After I acted for 3-4 years, he decided to visit me on the set one day. He followed me for an entire day. And after we went home that day, he told me that he now knows filmmaking is not as easy as it seems.
L: So he thought you were just playing around in making films?
D: That’s right. But after that day, he became very supportive and very proud of my work. When I got my first film offer, I was not sure whether to take it or not. My mom told me to try it out. She said if you try it, you wouldn’t have any regrets later. My mom is a very positive person. She encourages me to try different things in life.
L: Let me ask you about your wife now. How did you guys meet?
D: We met through a mutual friend. My wife told me she fell in love with me after seeing my half-naked body on a magazine cover.
L: You wife is very interesting. She loves you a lot and she is proud to be your other half.
D: We’ve been together for so long because she has been very supportive for whatever I do. We dated for 8 years before we got married, so she understands and knows me very well.
L: Why do you love her?
D: Because we communicate very well. She speaks about her feelings and she doesn’t hide her emotions. That’s why I can understand what she wants. She’s very direct, very considerate and she accommodates me. And I can be a very hard to deal with person. When I focus on work, I cannot see anything else. Sometimes, even though she might be in a bad mood, I am not attentive enough to give her the support she needs, yet she is still patient with me. It’s really not easy to find someone who can accept all of me.

Source: Sing Tao Daily 1 2

Source: Metro Hong Kong

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