Asian American Entertainment

heyyaa!™ (pronounced |hāˌyə|, or “hey-yaa”) is a website/video program produced by Jellorock Productions. Its primary focus is to provide relevant and appealing entertainment news to young Asian Americans. As minorities in the United States, Asian American activities and events are not frequently covered by mainstream media. heyyaa! aims to fulfill this void by placing the spotlight on Asian entertainment by covering established celebrities of Asian descent and rising Asian American talent.

Asian Crossovers and the Asian American image

With the rise of Internet, many Asian celebrities have established a worldwide fan-base. Many can be seen in Hollywood or found touring side-by-side with mainstream American or indie Asian American artists. Some have successfully crossed-over and permanently established themselves in the United States. The news of these performers have long been covered in news sources in their original Asian languages for first generation Asian immigrants. heyyaa!™ will focus on bringing Asian news to the new generation of Asian Americans in English.

First Priority: Entertainment

Unlike personal blogs, heyyaa!™ will not mix Asian American politics with Asian American entertainment. There are many outlets online talking about injustice in our society and racial profiling or racial tension, and heyyaa! is not one of them. We pride ourselves in bringing entertainment to young Asian Americans. heyyaa! is an outlet for young artists to express themselves, and a platform for a wider audience to embrace their unique expressions.

Quick Facts

heyyaa!™ is founded in May of 2010. No birthdate, just a birth month.
Jellorock Productions is based in San Jose, California, within the San Francisco Bay Area.


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