Digital Release of Aziatix’s First EP


Asian American music group, Aziatix released their first 5-track EP today (5/17) on iTunes. Debuting earlier this month with a successful showcase concert in New York City, Aziatix is taking a whole new approach toward the Asian American music scene. The group, under the lead of famous producer Jae Chong is comprised of award-winning singer […]

Keeping Up with Kero One

keroone headline

Korean American rapper/producer Kero One released his third studio album “Kinetic World” last month. At the Left Coast Live music festival, Mae talks to him about his new album, running a business in the music industry, and the people whom he would like to collaborate most with in the future. Tweet

Dumbfoundead new single Up in the Air

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 12.01.57 PM

Hip hop artist Dumbfoundead (aka DFD) has just released his new single “Up In the Air” on his website yesterday. With its light melody and cheerful pace, this is a great song to listen to while you are downing a beer in the cool Summer breeze. You can check it out and even download the […]


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