An Interview with Joey Diamond


In the past few years, Youtube has given many young independent artists a platform to perform in front of a worldwide audience. Several years ago, a young teenager named Joey Diamond decided to let his voice be heard outside of his own school. Through his channel and blogs, not only did many people become aware […]

Getting to Know Alfa


This month, 24-year-old singer/songwriter Alfa appeared as a guest of fellow songwriter Manny Garcia at his live performance in the Philippine Center in New York City. Though the two artists share the same last name, they have clarified that they are not related in anyway. However they did jokingly say that they are long lost […]

Keeping Up with Kero One

keroone headline

Korean American rapper/producer Kero One released his third studio album “Kinetic World” last month. At the Left Coast Live music festival, Mae talks to him about his new album, running a business in the music industry, and the people whom he would like to collaborate most with in the future. Tweet


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